I bought a salt cell that had a "3 year warranty". After less than a year the salt cell fell apart and they were not willing to honor their "warranty".

To add insult to injury, the customer service representatives I spoke with were not helpful nor were they willing to work with me. You would think that the customer service would be willing to help their customers but that is not the case.

I highly recommend using any other company for pool supplies, the products from Pool Guy Supply are CHEAP and the customer service is HORRIBLE. If you choose to use this company, you must not have read the reviews about this company on nearly every website.

Monetary Loss: $344.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #684326

I service pools for a living and have purchased many t-cells from Pool Guy Supply. They have done an awesome job warrantying the ones I have purchased no problem.

Some cells will sometimes work for a couple years, then need to be replaced. I have had a really GOOD experience with their customer service.

They usually answer their phones with a real human and will call me back very quickly if I happen to get their voice mail. I highly recommend Pool Guy Supply!

to Anonymous #686591

If you think this is a good company, I wouldn't use you to service my pools either. Your judgment of service is obviously skewed.

Its worthless to talk to a "real human" if they aren't willing to provide customer service.


We are more than willing to honor warranties as they are stated in the specific product manuals and warranty documents. However, we cannot be expected to act against or apart from the product's stated warranty.

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